Request a quote

The first step in ordering MOSEK is to request a quotation. Please send the following information to sales@mosek.com:

  • Address information including EU VAT number if relevant.
  • Indicate the required MOSEK Part IDs and their quantity as described in the price list.
  • Indicate if you want maintenance for the products.
  • Indicate payment method (see below).
  • Indicate the name and email address of the person who shall receive the quote.
  • Indicate the name and email address of the person who will install the software and license.

Payment options

  • Direct bank transfer: This is the preferred payment method due to low extra costs. Please always reference the number(s) of the invoice(s) you are paying. Banking details are provided in the invoice.
  • Credit card: We accept MASTERCARD and VISA. We do charge a service charge of 4% when processing credit cards.
  • Check: Mail a check to our headquarters.

Product activation

To activate an ordered product follow these instructions.

Try our Anaconda Package!

If you are using MOSEK from Python, we recommend the Anaconda distribution and the MOSEK Anaconda package.