Career Options

Work at MOSEK

If you are interested in a job at MOSEK, then please send an email to with a link to your LinkedIn profile. Due to EU GDPR regulations, do not email us your personal information. If that is needed we will tell you how to transfer your data in a secure way.

Currently, we have the following open positions at MOSEK:

Sales engineer


  • Participate in meetings with prospective customers
  • Advise customers on technical issues related to Mosek
  • Develop material to demonstrate the usage of Mosek e.g. blog posts
  • Assess and convey customer feedback back into the R&D process
  • Suggest enhancements to our processes and products
  • Administrative work related to sales (we have an extremely good system to assist us)


  • Have knowledge of optimization
  • Used MOSEK or similar product
  • Basic programming skills - Python for instance
  • Good communication skills in English

Software developer with a strong interest in interior-point methods for large-scale linear and conic optimization

  • Theoretical and practical exprience with continuous optimization and in particular interior-point methods are required.
  • Be able to program preferably in C, C++ or related language.
  • Good math and in particular linear algebra skills are important.
  • Knowledge of numerical analysis.
  • Knowledge of conic optimization and self-concordance theory.
  • You have a Ph.D. in a relevant topic.

Below are some advantages of working for MOSEK:

  • Stimulating and friendly work environment
  • Choose your own hardware setup
  • Lunch with warm food
  • Tee, coffee and organic fruit
  • Flexible working hours, home office, very limited or no overtime
  • Little or no traveling
  • Possibility for participating in relevant conferences around the world
  • 24/7 Gym