Presentations that MOSEK staff gave at conferences and workshops as well as presentations from events organized by MOSEK.


DTU MPC and Optimization Day - Copenhagen (Denmark)


ISMP 2018 - Bordeaux (France)

JuMP-dev workshop - Bordeaux (France)

DTU CEE Summer School on Modern Optimization in Energy - Copenhagen (Denmark)

Workshop on Discrepancy Theory and Integer Programming - Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Dagstuhl seminar: Designing and Implementing Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization - Schloss Dagstuhl (Germany)

MOSEK Workshop on Mixed Integer Conic Optimization


2017 International Data-Driven Optimization Workshop - Shanghai (China)

Course in Conic Optimization - Aalborg University (Denmark)

DTU CEE Summer School on Power Systems and Electricity Markets - Copenhagen (Denmark)

SIAM Conference on Optimization - Vancouver (Canada)

MOSEK Workshop on Semidefinite Optimization in Power Flow Problems


INFORMS Annual Meeting - Nashville (United States of America)


CO@Work 2015 - ZIB - Berlin (Germany)

22nd International Symposium on Mathematical Programming - Pittsburgh (United States of America)

OptALI Workshop - Lyngby (Denmark)


SIAM Conference on Optimization - San Diego (United States of America)


INFORMS Annual Meeting - Minneapolis (United States of America)


21st International Symposium on Mathematical Programming - Berlin (Germany)

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