Version 10 Beta

  • 19-May-2022: Fixes and documentation updates.
  • 28-Apr-2022: New features, polishing, bugfixes and improvements. Less restrictive minimal requirements on Linux 64x86 (support Red Hat 7 or Ubuntu 18.04) and Matlab (support R2017a).
  • 23-Mar-2022: We have released a beta version of MOSEK 10.


  • Release notes about new features. In particular: new syntax for conic constraints in the Optimizer API, disjunctive constraints, numerous improvements and new features in the mixed-integer and interior-point optimizers, better multithreading control, improved performance.
  • Release notes about platform support. Includes native Apple Silicon M1 support.
  • See the documentation below. Each API manual describes specific API changes in the section Interface changes towards the end.


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