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The MOSEK Notebook Collection

A collection of tutorials which demonstrate how to model and solve various optimization problems with MOSEK. Further case studies can be found in the documentation and on MOSEK GitHub.

Title Type Tools Keywords
An introduction to Fusion LO, CQO Python, Fusion
Filter design SDO Python, Fusion trigonometric polynomials, Czebyshev lowpass filter
Geometric facility location MICQO Python, Fusion planar coverage, wireless network design
Linear regression CQO Python, Fusion Lp-norm, rotated cone
Risk parity portfolio selection SCOPT Python fully invested portfolio
Smallest enclosing sphere CQO Python, Fusion geometry, dualization
Optimization of cycles on surfaces LO Python, Fusion geometry, topology, triangulation
Equilibrium of masses with springs CQO Python, Fusion mechanical equilibrium, potential energy
Unit commitment MICQO Python, Fusion unit commitment, production planning
Least squares regression CQO Python, Fusion least squares, regularization, lasso, ridge, robust Huber loss
Exact planar cover MIO Python combinatorial, binary variables, relaxation, certificate
Binary quadratic problems QP, SDP Python, Fusion SDP relaxation, branch and bound, binary QP

Publications and Technical Reports

MOSEK Modeling Cookbook

Our Modeling Cookbook is a guide to the theory and practice of conic optimization. Learn how to express your optimization problem in conic form.