Release policy

The MOSEK version numbering consists of four numbers: For example version has the major version number 7, the minor version number 1 and build 0 and revision 55.

  • major version: A new major version contains new features, major enhancements and performance improvements. Moreover, supported platforms and tools e.g. Java version can change in a major release. Some but few incompatibilities with previous versions can be expected.

  • minor version: A new minor release contains new features and improvements in the efficiency. However, compatibility with the previous releases of the same major version has high priority.

  • build number: A new build implies a change in how the software is build (for instance a different compiler).

  • revision: A new revision includes bug fixes and in some cases new functionality. Strong emphasis is given on backwards compatibility with existing releases of the same minor version. New revisions are released frequently.

This implies that all versions with with the same major version number behave almost identically. In general it is safe and easy to upgrade to a newer version with same major version number. Some work can be expected when upgrading to a new major version but performance improvements can be expected.

MOSEK supports a major version at least 2 years after the next major version is released. For instance MOSEK version 6 is supported 2 years after the initial release of MOSEK version 7. For versions without active support no new releases of the software are issued.

Major release dates

Below the dates of the major MOSEK releases are shown.

<table style="margin:0px auto"> <tr> <th>Version</th><th>Dates</th><th>Active support</th> <tr> <td>8.0</td><td>27-may-2016</td><td>Yes</td> <tr> <td>7.0</td><td>16-may-2013</td><td>Yes</td> <tr> <td>6.0</td><td>01-sep-2009</td><td>No</td> <tr>
<td>5.0</td><td>01-jun-2007</td><td>No</td> <tr> <td>4.0</td><td>03-mar-2006</td><td>No</td> <tr> <td>3.0</td><td>01-sep-2003</td><td>No</td>