Discover MOSEK

MOSEK is a tool for solving mathematical optimization problems such as:

  • Linear problems
  • Convex quadratic problems
  • Conic problems
  • Mixed integer problems


  • Financial applications e.g. portfolio management
  • Supply chain management
  • Analog & digital chip design e.g. Network-on-Chip
  • Forestry and farming
  • Medical and hospital management
  • Power supply and network planning
  • Logistics
  • TV commercial scheduling
  • Structural engineering


  • Includes free of charge interfaces to languages such as C, Java, .NET and Python
  • Extensive documentation
  • Attractive pricing which is publicly available
  • Excellent support. Support e-mails are answered by the developers within an hour and in many cases even faster

Due to its powerful state-of-the-art interior-point optimizer for linear, quadratic and conic problems, MOSEK is widely employed in the financial, energy and forestry industry.

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