MOSEK OEM program

Are you an ISVs and want to use MOSEK in your product?

MOSEK is fully committed to support you in using its product for your applications.

Companies from the financial as EMApplication, energy as EPIS and forestry as RemSoft industry already rely on MOSEK for their products. Will you be the next?


MOSEK is one of the world leading provider of software for conic optimization. Our product is well known for its performance and reliability. More than a decade of experience tells us that ISVs should focus on their core business. Making high-quality optimization solvers is ours, it is what we strive to excel at. Including MOSEK in you software allows you to

  1. leverage on state-of-the-art solver,
  2. rely on a first-class support,
  3. focus on your core business!

Main points:

  • evaluation and R&D licenses included,
  • flexible royalty,
  • simple deploy process,
  • embedded license,
  • top-level support.

All details in the OEM program guideline.