License Activation

Purchased licenses of the MOSEK software, i.e. not trial or academic ones, must be activated after the software has been installed from the download page.

To activate a license, please follow these steps:

  1. If you have purchased and received a dongle, then consult the dongle installations instructions. Most customers do NOT buy a dongle.

  2. Email the hostname and hostid of the license server to, following these instructions.

  3. Receive your permanent license file via email from MOSEK.

  4. Install the license file. If it is a floating license then use these instructions. Otherwise use these instructions. If you are in doubt about the license type then see the license system basics explenation.

Note: The above instructions is only valid for MOSEK version If you are trying to install a license for another major version of MOSEK, then check the documentation included in the package of the corresponding version.