AMPL is an algebraic modeling language for formulating optimization problem originally developed at Bell Laboratories by Robert Fourer, David M. Gay and Brian W. Kernighan. MOSEK Aps is an authorized reseller of AMPL. Please visit the AMPL website for more details.

The MOSEK version of AMPL is functionally equivalent to the official AMPL. However, the MOSEK version of AMPL employs the industry standard FLEXlm license manager which enables flexible deployment. All AMPL licenses issued are floating. Hence, an AMPL license can be shared among multiple users. Currently, it is possible to formulate the following problem types in AMPL:

  • linear
  • convex quadratic
  • nonlinear convex and
  • mixed integer problems

It is currently not possible to solve conic quadratic and semidefinite optimization problems with the combination AMPL and MOSEK. Observe AMPL does not include any optimizer. Hence, MOSEK or another AMPL compatible optimizer is required in order to solve optimization problems with AMPL. Try AMPL with MOSEK today, download free trial from the download page. For information on pricing and how to order please see the sales page.